Temporary Portable Rumble Strips

About Temporary Portable Rumple Strips

PSS RoadQuake® 2F Temporary Portable Rumble Strips are designed to reduce accidents by alerting distracted drivers to changing road conditions like check points and work zones. They are optimal to use where daily installation and removal is required. They are easy to install and move to wherever you need them to keep drivers safe while going through road construction sites.

Features and Benefits:

  • Compact – Features a convenient, one-piece, folding design. Folds to a compact 66″ length, weighs 110 lbs. 13″ W x 3/4″ H x 132″ L when unfolded, covers an entire lane.
  • Temporary – No nails or glue are needed for installation
    and use. Quick installation and removal, and no clean-up.
  • Portable – No installation equipment needed.
    A crew of 2 can install an array in minutes.
  • Durable – 3-5 year life under normal conditions.
    Suitable for use in rain and temperatures of 0 ̊to 180 ̊F
    and in speeds up to 80 mph.
  • Sound – Generates the same level of sound and vibration as milled strips.


Virtual training is available through PSS.